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Best TVSS device: Surge Reduction Filter of ERICO (USA)

Cắt lọc sét TSG-SRF3125 125A, 3 pha
Surge reduction filter TSG-SRF3125

We are familiar with the definition of Direct lightning protection by Air terminal device but it is not enough. Most of cases which have broken device caused by surges and transients on incoming power lines or telecommunications and signal lines. Unfortunately, we are rarely aware of their importance until we got damaged properties. 
In the field of Surge protection on power lines, we have 3 definitions:
  • Parallel Surge Protection Device (SPD) ( Common TVSS device)
  • SPD + Parallel Filter
  • SPD + Series Surge Filter ( the best TVSS device)
The below picture shows typical voltage waveform at output of each device. 
We could see the benefit of using SPD + Series Surge Filter . In fact, this is the best method to protect incoming power lines against surges and transients. 
The ERICO - United State peak perfomance maker in the field of Lightning Protection with over 100 years of experience, they invented a device called Surge Protection Filter which contain SPD and series surge filter with modern technology (Trigger Spark Gap and Transient Discrimination).
These technologies help our device lengthen their lifespan and reduce the rate of voltage rise while keeping let-through voltage low. The other hand, the device help reduce ElectroMagnetic Interference/ Radio-Frequency Interference ( EMI/RFI) - disturbance generated by external source.  
It makes sure the highest level protection for our electrical IT equipment .

We are exclusive partner of ERICO in Vietnam for over 20 years, we have done many projects using such a device. Our big customer is Vietcombank, VMS Mobifone, FPT, Viettel, HTV television station, Customs department....


If you have any further clarification, please feel free to contact me via the email. It is our pleasure to support you and solve your problem regarding that matter.
Thanks and Best Regards. 

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