For every Needle using for Karl Mayer, Liba Knitting machine we are able to supply you with the best quality fast service.
If you not sure about the spare part code of you machine, you can send us a picture of your part, model and serial number we will help you to order the right parts in the shortest time.
List of Latch Needle.
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Here are the list of compound needle we currently selling for Karl Mayer Knitting machine such as:
HKS2, HKS3, HKS4, RJ, Double Needle machine...
We also selling spare part for:
  1. Weaving machine: Itema, 
  2. Circular Knitting Machine: Terrot.
  3. Finishing and dying machine: Thies
  4. Filament Spinning, Texturing: Oerlikon Barmag
  5. Warp Knitting: Karl Mayer. 
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