Karl Mayer Prosize

• Reduction of size add on up to 10 %
• Increase of weaving effi ciency, thanks to better homogeneity and less dust
• Better ergonomics and process transparency
• 20 % increase of yarn coverage working range
• Machine Speed up to 180 m/min
• Stop marks strongly reduced in length and in oversized film, also in case of long machine down-time.

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KARL MAYER ROTAL sizing machines are characterized by highly-convenient operation and a perfect process control. Warp beams sized by KARL MAYER ROTAL stand for highest efficiency in weaving. Combination size boxes with and without prewetting device guarantee short yarn paths. The units in one-box version (floor-type version) and double-box version (overhead version) are offered in different constructions for each kind of requirement.

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Historically, starches and powders have been the base for textile thread sizing; nowadays, powders are less used than in the past, while starches are still extremely important, above all thanks to their derivatives that have significant advantages, even if higher costs. Among these, let's mention oxidized, etherized, esterized and carboxymethyled starches. These products offer the following advantages:
easy and fast preparation
lower and steady viscosity
stability and fluidity even at low temperatures

CMC (CarboxyMethylCellulose)

Type of products that, after the category of starches, is remarkably important for the yarn sizing.
Those available on the market differ in their pureness degree (pure cmc - technical cmc) and are classified according to their viscosity in low, medium, medium/high and high.

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Máy hồ Karl Mayer

Máy Hồ Karl Mayer

Máy hồ KARL MAYER ROTAL được lắp ráp chế tạo ứng dụng phù hợp với các công nghệ tiên tiến nhất, các qui định an toàn kỹ thuật,các điều lệ và các tiêu chuẩn tốt.

Thực hiện

Máy hồ KARL MAYER ROTAL có thể làm việc một trong hai chế độ tự động và bán tự động.

Công nghệ sản xuất

Tở sợi trên trục mắc dọc.

Chất liệu

Các loại sợi sau dây có thể được sử dụng:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Man – made yarns
  • Artificial yarns
  • Blended yarns
Máy bao gồm các bộ phận chính sau:
  1. Máy quấn trục Beam
  2. Lô sấy
  3. Bể hồ
  4.  TR/R Nồi nấu hồ 

1:Máy quấn trục Beam
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