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In this page we will introduce you the list of Karl Mayer and Liba Encoder with their Code, to make you easier when order part for Karl Mayer and Liba knitting machine.

Product Code

Product Name
3917100481 ENCODER-INKREMEN-GI355.070C335-5000IMP
54034000013 ENCODER-RHI58N-0BAK1R66N-00500
4200006035 ENCODER-0524781-500IMP-5V-QP
4100064869 ENCODER-0524780-5IMP-10-30V
1000454100 ENCODER-G305.21EXAB1-10-30VDC-64IMP
1000373438 ENCODER-G305.21A-64IMP-3.2M-KABEL
4100082150 ENCODER-DGS60-A4B-500IMP-5V-QP
1000376231 ENCODER-ENCODER HE 65M N.:205-00219
4100269289 ENCODER-DFS60E-S4AZ0-S01-500IMP-5V-QP
1000437136 ENCODER-DFS60E-S4AB01000
5050200003 ENCODER-RHI58N-0BAK1R66N-00500-WI-PLUG
3906810067 ENCODER-IMPULS-BDG 6360-6S-05-250-2500
4100064920 ENCODER-0524781-500IMP-5V
4100045268 ENCODER-DGS60-A4Z0-S10-500IMP-5V-QP

We also supply the spare part for other brand in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India....
  1. Weaving machine: Itema, 
  2. Circular Knitting Machine: Terrot.
  3. Finishing and dying machine: Thies
  4. Filament Spinning, Texturing: Oerlikon Barmag
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