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High-performance Jacquard-Raschel machine for the production of elastic and rigid fabrics

All these advantages are offered by the new Rascheltronic® RSJ 5/1 EL which was designed for the production of a great variety of Raschel fabrics. Being equipped with a Piezo-Jacquard system and an elec-tronic guide bar control system (EL), this machine can manufacture patterned corsetry, elastic and rigid lingerie, tulle constructions, sportswear as well as articles with integrated functional zones.
In connection with the new EL system, this high-performance Jacquard Raschel machine offers the producer of functional articles an extra-ordinary wide range of new applications. At the same time it allows the user to determine exactly defined areas, which can be created by means of a shog distance of max.170 needles in the ground guide bars GB 5 and GB 6.

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