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With our new R9000 quality and affordability finally go hand in hand. The best balance between cost and perk that you can find on the market is now available.

The R9000 is an advanced machine, designed for easy use and maximum versatility to produce a wide range of quality fabrics. The R9000 is a sturdy, user-friendly weaving machine, with low vibration at high speeds thanks to heavy-duty frames and inte-grated sley cam. Moreover, due to Turboprop, Itema’s exclusive propeller drive system, in which the tape drive remains compact with minimal moving parts, this machine guarantees a reliable and cost-efficient operation. Efficiency is further assured by the opti-mized shed geometry, enabling our Customers to weave ex-cellent quality fabrics whilst maintaining top loom performance. And the list of the built-in innovations continues …

The SK Transfer System, the most advanced on the market today, provides high speed performance and less wear and tear with its ultra-light one-piece design rapier. The FPA – Free Positive Approach – weft transfer offers great versatility and a race board free of guiding elements. Moreover, the powerful NCP electronic platform provides easy and fast control of all technical parameters.

Now, it’s your turn to weave your success with our R9000.
Weaving has never been so easy, and now with the peace of mind of our QRP seal of Quality, Reliability and Performance. Itema’s R9000 rapier proudly carries the prestigious QRP seal.

We strongly believe in our weaving machines, therefore, every QRP-certified Itema machine is guaranteed for a period of two years.

Itema is the only producer in the world to extend the warranty.

Our unyielding commitment to R&D, to innovation, and to our Customers inspires us to excel in our extensive product testing.

We are tireless in our search for ways to enable our Customers to meet and exceed their stringent expectations of product performance and solid investment return.

Look for the QRP mark – our testament to how we design, develop, lean manufacture and deliver our product, our unwavering confidence in our product and our guarantee to our Customers.

Enhanced Beating Motion  

Quick Style Change – DRC10

 Direct Drive Motor

Innovative Central Lubrication System
Practical and sturdy

High Precision Machine Frame

The R9000 is an ode to simplicity. User friendly, with few covers and a stream-lined layout that allows easy access for maintenance. The solid drive, positioned in main lateral frames, is engineered for extensive control of moving masses to consistently process heavy patterns or unbalanced styles with minimal cost and maintenance.

The re-designed sley and back rest mod-ules represent key new innovations. The new sley design improves speed and ver-satility, while the new back rest module enables less warp tension and a cleaner shed break.

Enhanced Beating Motion

The R9000 beating motion is positioned in gear boxes and centered directly be-neath the sley motion. Any possibility of oil leaks is eliminated, thanks to the full integration of two or more positions – depending on machine’s specifications – into the lubrication system and main
structure bar.
Innovative Central Lubrication System

The machine’s components are lubri-cated by a centralized lubrication system which provides oil from a main reservoir with double filter. This innovative lubrica-tion system significantly reduces energy consumption, therefore extending the life cycle of mechanical components.

Quick and easy dispensing and removal orifices are standard, ensuring an effi-cient lubrication program which reduces maintenance costs.

Reliability is assured by the NCP Elec-tronic System, maintaining constant con-trol of system pressure and temperature.

Direct Drive Motor

The main drive is based on an electronic and brushless motor technology which provides easy touch-screen adjustment of machine speed. Traditional gearing and mechanical parts are reduced to the minimum, optimizing energy consump-tion, as well as providing added value due to fewer spare parts and lower main-tenance costs.

Simple, reliable, maintenance free and

with no cooling system required.

Thanks to the new NCP Platform, the shed crossing setting is now electroni-cally adjustable, directly through the user interface.

Quick Style Change

The R9000 significantly reduces down-time for style changes by simplifying the maintenance and settings procedures. The Quick Beam release/connection is standard on all machines. In compliance with DRC10 the frames connection al-lows a faster operation and an ergonomic set up.

Improved Ergonomics

Without sacrificing safety, we reduced the number of machine covers, enabling a much faster access for machine clean-ing and maintenance. Additionally, fewer machine covers improve ergonomics by dissipating the heat load through the
working room.

Optimized Shed Geometry

Exclusive Propeller, the Turboprop

Innovative “SK” Weft Transfer

New Weft Yarn Selector
Unique weft insertion system

Optimized Shed Geometry

The R9000 benefits from the new shed geometry made famous by our 2013 best-seller, the rapier R9500. The basis of this optimized shed geometry lies in the need for a smaller shed for maximum speed and rapiers, appropriately sized, with different capabilities.

The beating stroke has been increased to guarantee the highest beating force and the capacity to weave heavy fabrics.

All elements have been studied and ap-plied to guarantee perfect quality of the fabrics produced.

Back Rest

The R9000 provides two different back rest versions, single or double, in order to cover a high range of fabric from light to heavy like denim.

Exclusive Propeller, the Turboprop

Another key improvement of the R9000 is the renowned propeller drive system. Called the Turboprop, the drive remains compact with minimal moving parts for reliability and less maintenance, further
assured by:

• direct lubrication of all sliding parts, as well as dynamic lubrication is standard

• new carriage and swinging sliders are designed with aeronautical grade alloys

• the mechanism is secured into the side frame to insure stability and precision.

Customary to the design, the settings of the new Turboprop do not “drift” over time eliminating the need for continual settings and adjustment by maintenance personnel. The Turboprop assures a reli-able and low cost performance.

Innovative “SK” Weft Transfer

The innovative SK Transfer System is engineered for high speed and versatil-ity. While providing for a wide array of weft yarns, the SK System is the most advanced transfer system on the market today. The system star is the ultra-light ceramic coated rapier, which provides consistent high speed performance and less wear. Moreover, the insertion gripper is positioned very close to the reed pro-moting increased efficiency and depend-able quality. The receiving gripper fea-tures a unique, patented opening system utilizing a permanent magnet integrated
within the gripper.
New “FPA” Weft Transfer

The newly developed FPA – Free Positive Approach weft transfer is the key to ver-satility and flexibility, due to its race board with no guiding elements in the shed.

Multiple Choice of Weft Cutters

The R9000 provides a reliable and user friendly mechanical weft cutter.

Furthermore, as optional, two more elec-trically cutters driven by independent motor are available:

• Rotocut

• Motorized

New Weft Yarn Selector

Available for configurations for 4, 8 or 12 colors.

It has been completely redesigned to promote the maximum versatility and re-liability. Maintenance free, it is driven and controlled by the microprocessor. Fine tuning the stroke of the selected finger promotes a gentle movement and works to eliminate interference with adjacent wefts. The device is easily accessible for weaving and maintenance personnel, reducing downtime for weft repairs and
style changes.

Fabric Take Up
Motorized Selvedge and Leno Device

Warp Let Off and Quick Beam Release

Full Color Touch Screen

Efficient and straightforward
Extremely manageable, the R9000 al-lows our Customers to achieve success producing quality fabrics at the lowest possible weaving cost.

Enhanced Warp Let Off and Fabric Take Up

The machine is equipped with an elec-tronic warp let-off and fabric take up.

The gearing system is in an oil bath. Pick density can be changed via the on board microprocessor. Multiple beam applica-tions are all electronically controlled.

Leno and Selvedge Device

Two systems are available:

• mechanical system which ensure the maximum yield, through their function-al simplicity;

• motorized system – as optional, de-signed for high performance, the brushless motor eliminates the need
for maintenance and adjustments.
Full Color Touch Screen

The R9000 comes with an electronic platform where the full color touch screen is the user interface. The intuitive soft-ware actually encourages dialogue with weavers and technicians. The interactive machine symbols ensure an user-friendly experience by guiding personnel to the desired information.

On Board Diagnostics

At Itema, we know that time is money. This is why the R9000 has been equipped with our state-of-the-art diagnostic software. By simply accessing the touch screen, a functionality test can be performed for any device or application on the machine, even circuit boards. Our engineers spe-cifically designed this feature to be used without particular tools, knowledge or previous background in electronics. It is especially designed for the people on the weaving floor who daily work with our
R9000 weaving machine.

Nominal Machine Width (cm) Weft Insertion Warp Stop Motion

• 190, 210, 220, 230 (narrow machine) • Electronic weft selector: 4, 8 or 12 colors

• 260, 280, 320, 340, 360 (wide machine)
• Electric or electronic warp stop motion
with 6 or 8 rows

Weft Cutter

Shedding • Mechanically Driven Warp Let Off

• Stäubli dobby 2658B (up to 20 frames) • Electronically Driven (available as option • Electronic controlled let off

• Arranged for Electronic Jacquard
in two versions: rotocut and motorized

weft cutter for fancy applications) Back Rest

Transfer System

• Guided rapiers “monorail” type hooks (SK)

Pick Density

• Standard: 5–400 picks/cm
• Single

• Double (optional)

• “Free flight” on a felt covered race (FPA) • Automatic weft density variation

programmable in dobby pattern Main Motor

• Hi-Drive both Dobby and Selvedge

Jacquard versions

Warp Beam

• Mechanical selvedge and leno device driven by independent mechanism

• Motorized selvedge and leno device

• Single or twins beams

• Lower diameter 800, 1000 or 1100 mm

• Upper beam: 800 or 1000 mm

• Pneumatic lateral and central tuckers

• Mechanical lateral and central tuckers

• Lateral and central mechanical cutter

• Lateral and central thermo cutter


Fabric Take Up and Cloth Roller

• Electronic controlled take-up

• Cloth roller diameter: up to 550 mm

• External batching motion (optional)

up to 1500 mm
• Ethernet interface (Loom Browser only)

• Serial VDI interface: for bidirectional data transmission on request

• Parallel interface: for mono-directional

data transmission on request

Nominal                    Machine           Machine Machine Width        Width A            Width B
1900 mm 4500 mm 2470 mm 2100 mm 4700 mm 2670 mm 2200 mm 4800 mm 2770 mm 2300 mm 4900 mm 2870 mm 2600 mm 5200 mm 3170 mm 2800 mm 5400 mm 3370 mm 3200 mm 5800 mm 3770 mm 3400 mm 6000 mm 3970 mm 3600 mm 6200 mm 4370 mm

Dimensions (mm) Beam Arrangement

Nominal Machine Width (cm)

190, 210, 220, 230, 260, 280, 320, 340, 360


D Dobby

J Jacquard

Weft Colors

4, 8, 12

Beam Arrangement

S08 Single Beam 800 mm S10 Single Beam 1000 mm S11 Single Beam 1100 mm D08 Twin Beam 800 mm D10 Twin Beam 1000 mm D11 Twin Beam 1100 mm S8S Top Beam 800 mm (*) S1S Top Beam 1000 mm (*)

(*) available in combination with Single or Twin Beams above
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