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DT Rapier Weaving Machine

With our R880DT-DynaTerry, weaving quality terry cloth has never been so easy.

This loom combines great value for money with excellent quality and mass production, offering superior performance and low-cost operations, coupled with low running costs, low consumption and low yarn preparation costs. Profits are guaranteed and special quality is assured, thanks to our advanced rapier machine tech-nology. In fact, R880DT allows our Customers to produce a wide range of terry cloth of the highest possible quality guaranteed in any condition. The redesigned propeller is the heart of the weft insertion system, with new technological processes that allow less friction, higher speed and lower consumption. And, with the reli-able weft transfer EK, there is virtually no limit to the range of terry fabrics our R880DT can weave.

Now, it’s your turn to weave the softest, most luxurious and delicate terry cloth on the market with our R880DT.
A Unique Redesigned Propeller

R880DT stands for efficiency and versa-tility. Its vocation is weaving high quality terry cloth at exceptional speed and with maximum stability and precision.

The redesigned propeller, a unique mech-anism, is the hub of the weft insertion sys-tem, with absolute dimensional precision now possible due to the new technologi-cal processes that guarantee less friction, higher speed and lower consumption.

The highest productivity is furthermore as-sured by the outstanding sturdiness and stability of the machine, a result of the increased structural robustness and the perfection of our rapier movements.

The Reliable Weft Transfer EK

With the new transfer EK guide hooks and the reliable dedicated sley, the ra-pier tapes are now offered maximum protection against wear. The end result is a higher level of performance for longer and ability to produce even the heaviest fabrics at higher speed.

The timely and accurate lubrication guar-antees total reliability and increases the mechanical efficiency of the single com-ponents, with the great advantage of re-
quiring just a minimal maintenance.
High Precision Warp Feed Control

The R880DT now offers the undeniable advantages of significant new techno-logical improvements, to allow a wider range of terry cloth production and high-est quality in all conditions.

One of these improvements, the warp feed control system, guarantees maxi-mum regularity of the loop. Thanks to the special geometry and reduced inertia, the new tensioner pile roller with its load cell guarantees a direct and repeatable reading of the warp tension.

The resulting extreme sensibility of the system guarantees ultra dynamic varia-tions in tension to suit the warp move-ment, guiding it in perfect time with the
reed beat-up during the loop formation.
An Excellent Loop Formation

The temple supports are fitted on mobile slides, timed with the movement of the fabric, to aid the formation of the loop. This system facilitates the loop forma-tion, avoiding damages due to stretching and ensuring a constant quality across the full width of the fabric.

An effective drop-wire lifting system dur-ing the loop formation reduces the rub-bing of the warp threads, improving the overall performance of the machine and guaranteeing a perfect loop with con-
stant height.

Superior performance and profitability

An Effective Back Rest Roller

Sensitivity, softness and extreme pre-cision are the features of the back-rest roller that exploits the precision of the load cell reading system to minimize the stress on the yarn, a crucial aspect to re-duce breakage rates.

The Unique Weft Insertion System and Optimized Shed Geometry

Every component of the weft insertion system has been optimized, beginning from the weft color selector, with its new high performance motors to adapt the weft presentation thread by thread, passing from the precision of the cutting system, that guarantees a high and con-stant efficient insertion, and culminating in the rapiers, which ensure top reliabil-ity and extraordinary versatility. The op-timized shed geometry is a warranty for fabric quality, providing gentle terry reed impact and an exceptional low warp end break level combined with extraordinary
filling insertion consistency.
Low Cost Operations Assured

The loop warp geometry is studied to ensure the highest approachability, while the simplicity and compactness of the tensioner pile roller allows easy use for the operator, both in style changes and adjustments and in the ordinary opera-tions to repair broken threads. The result is a reduced down time, which means lower workloads and greater efficiency.

The Whole Machine At Your Fingertips

R880DT comes with a console with full color display, which is the terminal to manage all loom’s functions: a real con-trol center for the weaver and the main-tenance technician, ensuring an easier and more efficient management of the
Technology for creativity

A Powerful Machine Control System

The global redesign of the electronic control platform, based on the powerful Canbus system, allowed to improve the plant to reach an excellent control and management of the individual electronic devices. The new software allows to im-prove the automation level of the loom, for even faster and easier adjustments and enhanced overall applications and performances.

User Friendly Weft Selector

The weft selector, up to 8 colors, is man-aged to allow the weaver to choose the best presentation movement for each fin-ger directly from the keyboard, adapting it to all weft types. This system optimizes the delicate weft selection phase, ensur-ing greater softness and a lower loom stop rate.

The tuck-in devices have a special os-
Endless Creative Possibilities

With R880DT, there are no limits to cre-ativity offering you the chance to design and produce never seen before fabrics, which exalt the originality of the terry cloth made with different height loops. The loop formation system, entirely elec-tronically driven, permits to change the height of the loop by simply setting the onboard keyboard and is coupled with the VRT electronic control device, avail-able as optional, that allows to set differ-ent weft ratios. Its production range in-cludes hand and bath towels, as well as terry cloth for leisure, sport, beach and

cillating temple system, patented by Itema, which guarantees the maximum quality and the top precision in all situa-tions, ensuring unparalleled quality of the selvedge.

Nominal Machine Width (cm)
• Jacquard 260 Standard, 320, 340, 360

• Electronic weft selector: 4, 8

(or 12 optional)
• Electronic controlled take up

• Cloth roller diameter: up to 500 mm

• Dobby 260, 320, 340, 360

special version

• External batching motion on request

Loop Formation

• Cloth-fell system with electronic drive for the synchronous motion of the fabric
support and whip roll
• Standard: 4–84 picks/cm

• 1–20 and 8–150 picks/cm

• Automatic weft density variation programmable in jacquard and dobby


• Interface to standard data

acquisition system

• VRT electronic system for the pile ratio

variation (optional)
Lateral and central mechanical inde-

pendent leno device with one or two

• Arrangement for Electronic Jacquard

• Stäubli dobby 2658 (up to 20 frames)

special version
thread pairs

• Auxiliary selvedge formation by inde-

pendent mechanism

Transfer System

• EK: guided rapiers “monorail” type

• Separate electric warp stop motion

with 4 (2+2) rows

Warp Beam Warp Let Off

• Ground beam diameter 800 or 1000 mm • Electronic controlled let off

• Loop beam diameter 800, 1000 or 1250 mm

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