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Itema’s new rapier weaving machine – Silver 501 is the strategic evolution of the highly successful Silver HS model. Based on the same footprint and complete with a new electronic platform, the Silver 501 is specifically engineered to handle demanding styles or heavy weight denim at the highest production speeds with superior quality. Key

developments of the drive and transfer systems provide a more robust machine that insures a consistent, high speed transfer at the lowest vibration pattern. The ease of use, maintenance and operation synergies remain to provide a transition free integration for weavers and technicians alike. Best suited in a continuous operation, the new Silver 501 is the workhorse of Itema.

High Performance Superior
Guided or Free Flight
Full Color Touch Screen with
Interactive User Interface

Renowned “Propeller Drive”

Strong, Sturdy Machine

Designed for Heavy Weight, Demanding Styles

State of the Art Electronic


Low Vibration Pattern
Lower Weft Stops / Higher

Built in Diagnostics


Reliable, High Quality
Optimized Shed Lower
Warp Tension



New Motorized
New Functionalities
for Maintenance and
Innovative Ceramic
Coated SK Grippers

Selvedge Device

Remote Assistance
A High Performance Weaving Machine
Consistent Performance
As with previous Silver models, the Silver 501 uses the distinguished Propeller Drive formovement of the rapier. With the market demanding higher speeds and complex styling, the consistent and smooth stroke provided by the propeller drive is more essentialthan ever before. Through new manufacturing methods and increasing metal hardness, our Engineerswere able to improve drive capacity, yieldinghigher machine speeds while minimizing vibration. Even under the most difficult textile conditions, 700 picks per minute can beachieved with good efficiency and fabric quality.
Low Vibration Pattern
The Silver 501 presents a very low vibrationpattern. In addition to a solid drive, the machine is engineered with extensive control of the moving masses to reduce vibration. As such, the Silver
501 easily handles the demands of heavy-weight styling while reducing cost through less maintenance and spare parts. Sound Structure
And the Silver 501 Engineers didnt stop with the drive & machine frame; they completed the effort with a re-designed  slay and complete new back rest module. The new slay design opens the door to speed & versatility. The new back rest “module” compliments the enhancements by reducingwarp tension and promotinga clean shed break with each pick thrown.
New Textile Solutions

New SK Transfer

The new SK TransferSystem is engineered for high speed and versatility. While providingfor a wide array of weftyarns, the SK Systemis the most advanced transfer system on the market today. With an ultra-light, ceramic coated, one piece design, the SK System is engineered for high speed and less wear.

Improved Textile Efficiency
The insertion rapier, with its tip close to the reed eliminates warp floats and increases insertionefficiency. The receiving rapier features a unique and patented opening system based on a permanent magnet in the gripper. In addition, the fine-tuned finger stroke of the new weft selectorallows gentle movement of the weft yarn eliminating interference between selected wefts and resting weft.

Improved EK Transfer

The improved version of the well known EK Transfer System offers greater durability and covers the whole weaving range.
Free Transfer System FTS
For filament & technicalweavers, the Silver 501 offers a race board configuration with noguiding elements in the shed for optimum weaving of delicate, multifilament, low-twist weft yarn ranging from 10 den monofilament to 1500 dtex high tenacity, PES double pick insertion.

New Functionalities
The innovative concept of the Silver 501 allows the user to set the shed crossing point through the touch screen. The new electronic platform makes it possible to set the synchronization between weaving machine and dobby withoutmechanical intervention of the technician. Clearly this makes the job easier, while improving the textile performance of the Silver 501.
The new motorized selvedge & leno device and the “Rotocut” Rotary Cutter are the latest in technology. The programmable weft cutter, along with other options,allows the user to configure the optimum textile settings specific to unique yarns and weaves.

 New Electronic Platform

Full Color Touch Screen
The Silver501 arrives with the latest intechnology offering a new electronic platformwhere the full color, touch screen acts as the user interface. The intuitive software actually encourages dialogue with weavers & technicians. Animated machine symbols ensure a user-friendly experience by guiding personnel to the information desired.

State of the Art Technology
The machine utilizes “Statof  the  Art Microprocessor Technologywith a PC Board running Windows CE to drive the user interface. Ethernet connectivity allows the Silver 501 to quickly engage both the mill networkand Internet.

With a standard USB memory stick saving,changing or transferring machine settings has neverbeen easier.
Ready for the Future
At Itema, we recognize time is money. This is why we equipped the Silver 501 with our best diagnostic software ever! By simply accessing the touch screen, a functionality test can be selected forany device or application on the machine even circuit boards. Our Engineersspecifically designed this feature to be utilized without tools or a background in electronicsbut by the people on the floor who operate the machine.

Itema LoomBrowser
Just install the Itema LoomBrowser on the PC of your choice to monitor efficiency, change & download machine settings, create or downloadnew weft and dobby patterns. Merely click on the machineof your choice withinthe machine layoutto gain access to all machine information as if you were standing at the machine itself.

Remote Diagnostics
With the constant connection of the Silver501 to the mill network,use of the Remote Software Serviceis just a click away.  If you need support,simply connect via internet to Itemas World Wide ServiceNetwork for prompt diagnostic assistance.

Diagnostic information of customer weft settings via use of the Remote Software Service on a PC at an ItemaTechnical Support Office.

The Silver 501 at a Glance

Nominal MachineWidth (cm)
170, 190, 210, 220, 230 (narrow machine);
260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380 (wide machine)

Staubli cam motion 1661 (up to 8 frames) with leveling device
Staubli dobby 2670 or 2861 (up to 20frames)

Transfer System
EK: guided rapiers “monorail type hooks SK: guided rapiers“monorail type hooks FTS: “free flying on a felt covered race

Warp Beam
Single or twin beams
Diameter 800, 1000 or 1100 mm
Upper beam: 800 or 1000 mm

Weft Insertion
Electronic weft selector:4, 8 or 12 colors
Weftcutter type ROTOCUT (in combination  with transferSK) * Programmable motorized weft cutter *

Nominal Weaving Width in cm
170, 190, 210, 220, 230,
260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380

D           Dobby
C           Cam motion

Weft Colors
4, 8, 12

Beam Arrangement
S08       Single Beam 800
S10       Single Beam 1000
S11       Single Beam 1100
D08       Twin Beam 800
D10       Twin Beam 1000
D11       Twin Beam 1100
S8S       Top Beam 800
S1S       Top Beam 1000
Silver 501 190 D 4 S08

Pick Density
Standard: 4 84 picks/cm
1 20 and 8 - 150 picks/cm on request *
Automatic weft density variation programmable in dobby pattern

Motorized selvedge and leno device Lateral and central pneumatic tuckers * Selvedge thermo cut *

Warp Stop Motion
Electric or electronic warp stop motion with 6 or 8 rows

Warp Let off
Electronic controlled let off

Fabric Take up
Electronic controlled take-up
Cloth roller diameter:Up to 500 mm
External batchingmotion *

Ethernet interface
Serial VDI interface: for bidirectional data transmission
Parallel interface: for mono-directional data transmission

* Other Options
Reed LED lamp
Fabric inspection lamp
Stronger rapier cleaningsuction unit
Power outlet on electrical panel (220V, 16A)

* On Request

Dimensions (mm)

Weaving width       Machine width
1700 mm              4300 mm
1900 mm              4500 mm
2100 mm              4700 mm
2200 mm              4800 mm
2300 mm              4900 mm
2600 mm              5200 mm
2800 mm              5400 mm
3000 mm              5660 mm
3200 mm              5860 mm
3400 mm              6060 mm
3600 mm              6260 mm
3800 mm              6460 mm

Overall Depth:

with 800 mm warp beam          1824 mm **
with 1000 mm warp beam          2006 mm **

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