Itema Silver 501

Rapier Weaving Machine Itema

Itema’s new rapier weaving machine – Silver 501 is the strategic evolution of the highly successful Silver HS model. Based on the same footprint and complete with a new electronic platform, the Silver 501 is specifically engineered to handle demanding styles or heavy weight denim at the highest production speeds with superior quality. Key

developments of the drive and transfer systems provide a more robust machine that insures a consistent, high speed transfer at the lowest vibration pattern. The ease of use, maintenance and operation synergies remain to provide a transition free integration for weavers and technicians alike. Best suited in a continuous operation, the new Silver 501 is the workhorse of Itema.

High Performance Superior
Guided or Free Flight
Full Color Touch Screen with
Interactive User Interface

Renowned “Propeller Drive”

Strong, Sturdy Machine

Designed for Heavy Weight, Demanding Styles

State of the Art Electronic


Low Vibration Pattern
Lower Weft Stops / Higher

Built in Diagnostics


Reliable, High Quality
Optimized Shed Lower
Warp Tension



New Motorized
New Functionalities
for Maintenance and
Innovative Ceramic
Coated SK Grippers

Selvedge Device

Remote Assistance
A High Performance Weaving Machine
Consistent Performance
As with previous Silver models, the Silver 501 uses the distinguished Propeller Drive formovement of the rapier. With the market demanding higher speeds and complex styling, the consistent and smooth stroke provided by the propeller drive is more essentialthan ever before. Through new manufacturing methods and increasing metal hardness, our Engineerswere able to improve drive capacity, yieldinghigher machine speeds while minimizing vibration. Even under the most difficult textile conditions, 700 picks per minute can beachieved with good efficiency and fabric quality.
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Itema SilverDT

SilverDT Rapier Weaving Machine
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With our SilverDT — the most technologically ad-vanced, high-performance rapier terry machine on the market — you can weave top quality terry and unleash your creative potential.

The SilverDT – Silver DynaTerry – is based on Itema’s best-in-class rapier technology, which renders itself perfectly as the best and most sophisticated choice for superior machine performance and for weaving the widest possible range of styles.

The SilverDT uniquely combines Itema’s technological innovations and strengths to guarantee best value and success through un-paralleled versatility, reliability, productivity and impeccable, high quality of the woven fabric.

The Silver DT is the number 1 best-seller in the world in the recent years and enjoys a remarkable rate of customer satisfaction and repeat orders. The weaving machine comes fully equipped with premium electronic devices and exclusive systems patented by Itema which, together, enable weavers to get the most out of Sil-verDT’s speed, productivity and versatility.
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Itema R880

Itema Rapier Weaving Machine
The R880 is the result of the long-standing experience in the construction tried and tested Propeller delivers the increased output of this latest weaving of rapier weaving machines technology. The very strong internationally renowned technology  main frame result in highest stability and and machinery provider Itema. With its unmatched performance and superior lowest vibration, thus allowing the easy weaving of heavy weight, demanding textile efficiency, the R880 rapier styles. With a machine speed of up to 550 weaving machine sets new standards for productivity in fabric forming. Its unique rapier drive system carried out by the Performance
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Itema R880DT Vietnam

Itema R880DT Document Download
DT Rapier Weaving Machine

With our R880DT-DynaTerry, weaving quality terry cloth has never been so easy.

This loom combines great value for money with excellent quality and mass production, offering superior performance and low-cost operations, coupled with low running costs, low consumption and low yarn preparation costs. Profits are guaranteed and special quality is assured, thanks to our advanced rapier machine tech-nology. In fact, R880DT allows our Customers to produce a wide range of terry cloth of the highest possible quality guaranteed in any condition. The redesigned propeller is the heart of the weft insertion system, with new technological processes that allow less friction, higher speed and lower consumption. And, with the reli-able weft transfer EK, there is virtually no limit to the range of terry fabrics our R880DT can weave.

Now, it’s your turn to weave the softest, most luxurious and delicate terry cloth on the market with our R880DT.
A Unique Redesigned Propeller

R880DT stands for efficiency and versa-tility. Its vocation is weaving high quality terry cloth at exceptional speed and with maximum stability and precision.

The redesigned propeller, a unique mech-anism, is the hub of the weft insertion sys-tem, with absolute dimensional precision now possible due to the new technologi-cal processes that guarantee less friction, higher speed and lower consumption.

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