Itema Rapier Weaving Machine
The R880 is the result of the long-standing experience in the construction tried and tested Propeller delivers the increased output of this latest weaving of rapier weaving machines technology. The very strong internationally renowned technology  main frame result in highest stability and and machinery provider Itema. With its unmatched performance and superior lowest vibration, thus allowing the easy weaving of heavy weight, demanding textile efficiency, the R880 rapier styles. With a machine speed of up to 550 weaving machine sets new standards for productivity in fabric forming. Its unique rapier drive system carried out by the Performance

• High weaving speed
• Outstanding fabric quality • Highest efficiency Investment
• Low investment • Quick return
• Long live span Cost of ownership
• Low energy consumption
• Reduced maintenance
• Low spare parts consumption

picks per minute and a maximum weft insertion rate of 1200 meters per minute, the R880 is unrivalled within its league.


• Easy to operate
• Quick style change
• Easy settings
• Wide machine configurations
• Optimized, ultra flexible insertion system • Broad range of filling yarns
• Available with mechanical or pneumatic tuck-in devices
• Easy to fit with the majority of Jacquard and name Jacquard
• Available in DT version for terry towel production
Versatility, efficiency and optimization
The R880 is the result of the long standing experience in the design of  maintenance concept. The efficient  system is fitted on the R880. Based cross section of the R880 rapier heads,
rapier weaving machines. The unique rapier drive system is based on the proven Propeller. Further improvements increased the output of the R880. Very strong steel side frames combined with rigid and sturdy cross members result in a high machine stability and low vibrations.


The R880 is designed to produce a broad range of fabrics for home, sports and leisure wear styles. Natural or synthetic yarns, spun yarns or filament weave with prefect results on the R880. The reliable mechanical, electrical and electronic design guarantees a smooth operation with a very low stop level resulting in a high efficiency. Together with a perfect warp let off motion and smooth weft yarn path, excellent fabric quality is guaranteed. The new sley concept ensures higher and consistent beat-up force, thus increasing the capacity of the R880 to handling demanding styles or
heavy-weight denim.
forced lubricating system makes all gear transmissions virtually maintenance free. Thanks to the low number of moving parts the R880 excels in low energy consumption. There are few wear and tear parts and the reduced consumption of spare parts allows a low cost of ownership.

Style changes

On the R880 style changes and warp changes are easy and quick. The easy to open spring locks facilitate rapid changes of the warp beam and cloth roller without the use of any tool. Quick warp changes are made easy because the warp beam gear wheel remains on the weaving machine. For symmetrical width adjustments, setting of the temples and the selvedge cutters very little effort
is involved and few tools are required.
on the optimized use of the brushless servo motors, it guarantees potentiality and efficiency beyond comparison. Main advantages are:

• simplified mechanics thanks to the elimination of the brake/clutch unit

• superior fabric quality thanks to the motor’s high pick-up during restart

• freely programmable speed variation ensuring an effective machine management.

Console and electronics

The user interface is state of the art, menu driven and with color graphics. The microprocessor concept allows to check all important weaving machine parameters and settings. The internal

communication between the various machine functions is handled through CAN BUS. All safety standards are well
respected on the R880.
the optimized guiding elements over the full width of the machine and strong rapier tapes made from carbon assure an optimal performance at high weaving speeds. Special clamps in the rapier heads ensure the insertion of a wide range of cotton and filament yarns.

Weft insertion

A straight weft insertion line combined with a low weft acceleration ensure a low stress on the weft yarn. This results in a low weft tension and hardly any yarn deflection. Thus, the yarn friendly handling by the R880 guarantees a perfect operation at highest speeds and
flawless fabric quality.

Weft color selector

The 4, 8, or 12 weft color selector is driven by independent and electronically controlled linear motors. It enables an optimum presentation of the weft yarn for transfer to the inserting rapier head. Weft patterns are easily programmed and stored in the weaving machine’s microprocessor.

Warp tension control

The warp tension is controlled by means of the back rest roller and a sensor. The software regulates the warp tension and drives the warp let off motor. A reinforced back rest roller system is available as
option for heavy fabrics.
Warp let off

The electronically controlled warp let off is fully synchronized with the cloth take up thus providing a constant warp tension from full to empty warp beam. The R880 weaving machine can be equipped with warp beams with flange diameters of 800 mm or 1000 mm. Weaving machines in narrow width (e.g. 190 or 230 cm) are equipped with single beam, wide machines (e.g. 340 cm) offer single or twin beam arrangements.

Selvedge formation

Depending on type of yarns, the finishing process and the end use of the woven product, the requirements for selvedge formation may change. A wide choice of selvedge options is given on the R880:

• leno device

• tucking device

• thermal cut / fused selvedge (filament

Back rest roller

Through the location adjustment of the back rest roller, warp tension and shed break could be controlled, in order to fit different type of fabrics.

Double back rest roller is also available to ensure smooth warp let off and the stability of fabric during weaving process. It is the best choice for heavy cotton fabric and denim.

Mechanical tuck-in device

MANEA tuck-in device ensures low consumption, good performances and reliability, and allows to weave with a superior quality neat fabric selvedge. Lateral and central tuck-in devices are
both available.
Pneumatic tuck-in device

The pneumatic tuck-in devices, reliable and low cost, allow quick set up also with fabrics woven with the standard lateral tuck-in selvedge.

FTS - free fly transfer system

The FTS version allows for free flight of the tapes and rapiers within the shed and is available on all R880 versions as an alternative to the conventional TRANSFER EK guided tape system.

This new technology makes for better performance of the loom when faced with difficult weaving conditions: you can now work troublefree with extremely delicate yarns, high weft density, large widths and at high speeds.

The new technological solutions used for the rapiers have extended their applicability: the FTS version adapts perfectly to a huge assortment of yarns
• 40% of components made in Italy

• Staubli dobby 2658 (up to 20 frames)

• Arrangement for electronic Jacquard
Pick density
• Standard: 4–84 picks/cm
• 1–20 and 8-150 picks/cm *
Warp let off
• Electronic controlled let off
• 100% of electronics made in Italy
• Automatic weft density variation
Fabric take up
Made in Italy main functions • Propeller systems
• Tape drive units • Hi Drive
• Transfer system elements • Weft selector and cutter
Nominal machine width (cm)

• 190, 210, 230 (narrow machine)

• 260, 280, 320, 340, 360 (wide machine)

Transfer system

• EK transfer system: standard

• FTS-free fly transfer system: optional

Warp beam

• Single or twin beams

• Diameter 800, 1000 or 1100 mm • Upper beam: 800 or 1000 mm
(1250 mm available for DT version)
Weft insertion

• Electronic weft selector:

4, 8 or 12 colors
programmable in the weaving pattern

• Lateral and central independent leno device with one or two thread pairs

• Auxiliary selvedge formation by independent mechanism

• Lateral and central tuckers * • Selvedge thermal cut *

Warp stop motion

• Electric or electronic warp stop motion

with 6, 8 or 10 rows

• Electronic controlled take up • Cloth roller diameter:
up to 500 mm (with beam 800 mm)

up to 550 mm (with beam 1000 mm or 1100 mm)

up to 1600 mm *

• External batching motion *


• Interface to standard data acquisition system
New born in the range for terry production

To produce terry cloth successfully nowadays you need, more than ever before, to combine perfect mass production and excellent quality: R880DT is a loom with extraordinary talent, developed to guarantee sure success in this sector.

R880DT offers far superior performance, plus unbeatable low-cost operation: low consumption, low running costs and low yarn
preparation costs are some of the features of
Max output is also guaranteed by exceptional stability of the overall machine – weft insertion, greater structural stiffness and the perfection of rapier movements.

The global redesign of the electronic control system – based on the powerful CAN-BUS system – has made it possible to rationalise the plant for excellent control and management of
the individual electronic devices.

The quality is truly special, thanks to the rapier machine technology that this loom guarantees, no matter what the weaving conditions: perfect loops every time and an extraordinarily full “feel” are the basics for a soft, embracing and delicate sensation on the incorporated electronic control lets you vary the height of the loop by simply setting this from the onboard keyboard and accompanies the VRT electronic control device, available as an optional for all versions, required toprogram the different weft ratios.

R880DT is based on the world’s fastest rapier machine: to weave at exceptional speed and with max stability and precision is child’s play for this machine.
designers, as it offers you the chance to create unprecedented fabrics, highlighting the originality of the terry cloth with loops of different heights. The new software lets you manage an increasing number of devices, increasing the automation  of the loom, for even faster and easier adjustments and increased overall applications and performances.

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